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Most of us want to know the will of God for our lives, but sometimes we’re not always sure how to find it.

Judges 6:12 “When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said,

“The Lord is with you, mighty warrior”.

Most of us want to know the will of God for our lives, but sometimes we’re not always sure how to find it. Fortunately, the Bible points to a kind of guidance that does not put our current projects in jeopardy. In the Bible, there are descriptions of how God completely immersed Himself in the challenge of the moment. A good example of this is in Gideon’s life. Gideon had limited vision, but he was committed to it. His challenge was to obtain food for his family, even though hostile invaders were making the growing, gathering and preparation of food almost impossible. I see everyday families, seniors, homeless coming into our pantry, community lunch and even on street outreach committed to getting food for their household. Many don’t want to be there, but they have no choice. They are committed. Some come daily to have their only hot meal of the day. Some come in cars for a box of food that will sustain them for 6 days. Some we meet on the street wandering through the town. Some are looking for us and others we look for them to feed them lunch. All of you are like Gideon, a mighty warrior for the Lord and for our clients. You are the selected 300 in our Army fighting against the invaders of hunger and homelessness. You are the Army of God that supplies the needs of the Christian Caring Center as we provide: food, case managers who help people with homeless prevention by catching up on late rent payments, helping someone who is homeless get into a new apartment, find a new job, reunite with family, help someone with no heat, or a large utility bill, a warm winter coat, take a shower, get clothing, etc. This help is monumental when someone is in need. It's a life changer. It also provides us an opportunity to pray and share the Gospel with our guest, which is the real-life changer for Eternity. We do all this in love. The same way Jesus did on this side of heaven. Please prayerfully consider joining our Gideon Army as a supporter for a commitment of $35 per month and be a life changer!

For 41 years, the Christian Caring Center has continued to be a leader in blessing individuals and families all because of your generosity and we are grateful! You share in the testimony of the love that God has for His people, which gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel, pray with people and love them. Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers as we all try to minister to the Kingdom of God.

Madelyn Sutton

Executive Director


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