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Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

This is a very familiar verse, and we can all recite it, but it’s another thing to live it. Like what do you do when someone is coming against you, like Joseph and his brothers? There were years-decades of suffering. Then God elevated Joseph to be second in command in all of Egypt just to bless all of Egypt and those despicable brothers. Could we have not held anger in our hearts? How about the father of faith Abraham? How long did he wait, decades, to see his one heir? Sometimes our clients must wait a very long time for their needs to be met. One such couple, over 55 years old, came to us in Code Blue in January. They were evicted from their trailer with income of only $85 per week. When Code Blue came to an end, they had to pitch a tent which they are still in. However, God gave them both jobs through the employment program for 55+ individuals, Pathstone Program, at the Christian Caring Center. So now they both have income enough for an apartment. Our case manager, Heather, found them an apartment that they could afford.T hey will be moving in this week--Praise the Lord! Unlike the saints above, this couple’s time was short compared to them. They all had to endure the harshness of weather, endure the bugs, rodents of the outside; but through it all- God never left them and never forsook them. He was their refuge and comforter as they abided in the shadow of the almighty. When you support the Christian Caring Center, you are the part of God’s plan for the people that He brings to us. Each meal, each prayer, every shower, hygiene items, clothing, etc. makes such a difference in each life. It allows the client to have faith to endure a little longer. It “is the evidence of things unseen.” Thank you for all your support, prayers, time, clothing and food.

Abiding in Him

Madelyn Sutton,

Executive Director


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