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A word from Madelyn Sutton: Director of the Christian Caring Center

“Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that

they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” —Matthew 18:19

For the prayer of agreement to work, there must be two of you. And you have to be on

earth. That fits all of us! I have to remind myself not to put any limitations on Matthew

18:19! The prayer of agreement will work because it is God’s Word period! The Greek

word for “agree” in this verse is sumphoneo. It means to agree together, to make a

bargain, or to come to an agreement. It is the Greek word from which the word

“symphony” is derived. A symphony orchestra combines many diverse instruments

under the direction of a skilled conductor to produce a beautiful musical masterpiece

and its impact extends far beyond what any one instrument could achieve on its own.

This paints a beautiful picture for all of us as God intended it to be. In Matthew 18:19,

Jesus taught about the enormous power that exists when believers get in agreement

with each other. As a unified front, we can make an impact that could never have been

as great if each of us had tried to accomplish the same goals individually.

Over the years, I have witnessed this unity in the Christian Caring Center in ways that have positively changed our clients' lives here on earth and for Eternity. We are the family of God, and we act like it. After all, we don’t always agree with our natural family members either — but we’re all still family, tied together by blood and birth. The same thing is true in the family of God. We were all purchased by the Blood of Jesus and born of God’s Spirit. When we come in to agreement for desperate people in situations that seem impossible, we can pray and believe that the Lord has a thousand ways to turn their and your situation around that you’ve never even thought of. Just because we don’t see a way, doesn’t mean God doesn’t HAVE a way! If God could close the lion’s mouth for Daniel, part the Red Seas for Moses, make the sea stand still for Joshua, open the prison for Peter, put a baby in Sarah’s arm and raise Lazarus from the dead, THEN He can certainly take care of them, you and me! I feel privileged to have experienced the power of agreement when churches and you reach out to the Christian Caring Center in support, with prayers and giving to help others. And I can tell you this — I wouldn’t want to work in God’s Kingdom any other way. Unity among the brethren reflects the heart of the Father and He says that where unity prevails, the anointing of His presence saturates and commands His blessing to manifest in their midst (see Psalm 133)!

The Christian Caring Center has continued to be a blessing to individuals and families all because of your generosity and agreement and we are grateful! Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers as we all minister to the kingdom of God.

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton

Executive Director


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