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Through the United Way Impact Fund, YOU Impact a Future where… our most vulnerable neighbors receive support in times of crisis.


At United Way, we work to address the root causes of important community issues, but we also know there are community members who need us right now – like those facing homelessness, with nowhere to turn when winter temperatures drop to dangerously low levels. Your investment in United Way’s Impact Fund supports resources like emergency shelter on the coldest days. This work makes a difference — just ask Madelyn.


When it’s bitter cold outside, we’re advised to stay inside our homes to keep safe and warm – but for some of our neighbors, it’s not an option. This is where Code Blue comes in, a procedure activated by local governments when temperatures fall below freezing, to provide additional emergency shelter and outreach to individuals experiencing homelessness.


Madelyn Mears-Sheldon, the Code Blue subcommittee chair for Burlington County and executive director of Christian Caring Center, a United Way Impact Partner, knows the importance of this work. “The people who come in for shelter during Code Blue have nowhere else to go during unsafe cold weather conditions,” says Madelyn. “Many are chronically homeless; however, circumstances such as a family crisis or underemployment have also prompted unexpected individuals and families to seek shelter. Code Blue helps to save lives. And support from United Way allows even more people in crisis to receive the help that they need.”


THANK YOU for partnering with United Way to ensure our neighbors get help when they need it most.



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