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Ready to be a beacon of hope? Visit our volunteer page at to explore opportunities and join us in spreading love and compassion. Together, we can make a lasting impact—one act of kindness at a time.

6 Most Wanted Volunteer Positions
1. Village Thrift Shop sorting and working the cash register
2. Interviewers/to pray with the people receiving food.
3. Fundraising Committee (making baskets for auction, mailings, decorating, etc.)
4. Volunteers to work with homeless clients locating housing and jobs.
5. Volunteers for making gift baskets for auction at our fundraising events.
6. Volunteers for our upcoming Corn Hole and Sleep Out Fundraisers.
As we are open 5 days per week, we desperately need volunteers. We only have 7 regular staff to run 12 programs. We have opportunities to fit your schedule: weekly, monthly and virtual projects like Holiday baskets, food pickups, food or basket shopping, events such as our Corn Hole or Sleep Out fundraisers, etc.

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