A testimony from a former Bridge of Hope mom....

"A few years back I made a decision to be safe and make sure my kids were safe. It took guts, law enforcement, and knowing we had nothing. There was no money and nowhere to go. I had to reach out to a program for help. We had to open ourselves to people we didn't know to try to start over. In the pain of admitting the reality of what was going on, I found healing. I found happier children who began to enjoy life again. We began to go places and do things we had never done or been allowed to do. Our world opened up. After years of fear, pain and anguish we began to flourish. Don't get me wrong, there have been ups and downs and courts and such but, the sanity and serenity my kids gained, I knew what I was doing and fighting for was right. I will always advocate for victims of #domesticviolence it heals, there is hope and safety. And furthermore there is happiness and a surreal serenity. It's a fight for your life in more then one way. Try to find the strength, I believe in you, now you need to believe in you #dvawareness #mystorymorningglory #nomore
There is love on the other side in the right place (s). First you must relearn how to love yourself every part that you can't stand or wish to change and everything else will fall into place. It's hard and it will make you feel things you do not want to feel. You will wrestle with every choice you made and still have to make but you ARE WORTH IT!"

Suggested giving options:

$150- Sponsor a child (clothing and gifts)

$500- Adopt a child (clothing & food)

$350- Adopt a family (clothing)

$2500- adopt a large family with a significant financial need

$650- Adopt a family (clothing & utilities)

Other Amount

Many Blessings!