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Your Tax Deductable Donation to

The Christian Caring Center 

could help so many of your immediate

neighbors in need. 


Are the Missing Link!

Join a Very Special Team


Perhaps you’re familiar with the story of Gideon, an ordinary man who listened to God’s calling. Following God’s orders, which seemed utterly nonsensical, he recruited a band of three hundred “special forces” soldiers to face their people’s enemies in a hopeless battle….


But THEY WON! The power of the Holy Spirit made all the difference. You can read the whole story in Judges 7-8.


The Christian Caring Center staff sometimes seem like “God’s Seal Team Six” on the front lines of the battle against poverty and despair. Without our five paid staff members and dedicated team of volunteers, who provide wrap-around case management services armed with the love of Jesus and the power of prayer, the Center would be just another feeding program.


Where Do I Come In?

Please join our Gideon Special Forces Team with your commitment to a monthly gift in support of our staff. Just three hundred monthly supporters at $35/month will secure our staff funding and enable the Center to continue the work of ministry to our friends and neighbors in need.

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