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When is it ok for a 62 year old veteran to cry?

When it is a rejoicing cry. You see F.P. had been sleeping in his car for years on the Christian Caring Center parking lot. He began to cry not for enduring the hardships that come with that, but because he was so overwhelmed with the news that he was accepted into a brand-new senior housing complex in Bordentown. The 2019 year has been a year of enduring some hardships, but also overwhelming joys for both the Christian Caring Center and our clients.

The Center endured the 7 months of complete reconstruction of our entire building, which forced us outside on the parking lot, cars, and 3 months in a temporary trailer. We were still able to maintain all our services and programs. But JOY in a total makeover in July 2019.

• We endured the heartbreaks with our clients of homelessness and all the complications from that trauma, health problems, court problems, depression, unemployment, separation of family, etc. But JOY when we can provide shelter in our Code Blue Shelter, Men’s Shelters, Rapid Rehousing Program and Homelessness Prevention Program.

• We endured the struggle of putting food on the table everyday for families, children, seniors, etc. But JOY when we handed out food boxes to fill their pantry and freezer, served a hot lunch to someone who was hungry and homeless, or the JOY of giving out a holiday meal to celebrate and enjoy family time.

• We endured the painful reality of someone needing prescriptions and not having the funds to purchase them or a senior citizen not having enough money for a delivery of oil to heat their home. But JOY to partner with the Salvation Army and provide for them.

• We endure the panic and fear of a household facing eviction after an emergency situation. But JOY when our Case Managers can provide a month of rent/mortgage and link our clients to other agencies for more help if needed.

As you read the enclosed flyer with the end of the year stats, please know that each person is cared for, prayed for, sharing the gospel through love. OUR BIGGEST JOY

OF 164 INDIVIDUALS ACCEPTING THE GIFT OF SALVATION THROUGH JESUS! All of it with your help, prayers, financial giving, etc. We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for a phenomenal year of ministry!

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton, Director

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