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“The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”

Judges 6:12 When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”

Have you ever thought of yourself as a hero? You are to some people. Gideon didn’t think of himself as a hero, but God did. When the angel appeared to Gideon he was threshing wheat. Maybe he was thinking of the Israelites troubles and scheming as to what he could do about it. How could he reverse this oppression? Gideon was a faithful worshipper of God. Then suddenly the angel appeared to him, he found himself confronted face to face with the One he had been thinking about. So God called Moses and David from following the sheep, Elisha from the plowing, the apostles from fishing, washing, and mending their nets. God usually appears to the busy, like as Satan does to the idle in varied temptations. Matthew Henry said, “Gideon was a man of a brave, active spirit, yet in obscurity through the times: he is here stirred up to undertake something great. It was very sure that the Lord was with him, when his Angel was with him. Gideon was weak in faith, which made it hard to reconcile the assurances of the presence of God with the distress to which Israel was brought. The Angel answered his objections. He told him to appear and act as Israel's deliverer, there needed no more.” So let me ask you again, have you ever thought of yourself as a hero? I can tell you are if you are involved with us at the Christian Caring Center. All our clients think of the help they receive as deliverance from oppression and it is! If it’s help with either food, clothes, prayer, shelter, housing, case management it is one step closer to Jesus and freedom. Can you imagine crying out to God because your children are hungry or you are about to lose your home? You come to the Christian Caring Center, get physical help then we ask if you would like to pray and we start talking and you get introduced to the Gospel and you get to accept what Jesus did on the cross for payment of your sins! You can be a Gideon to someone by saying yes to helping us at the Christian Caring Center. You can PRAY! Ask God what He would have you do--donate food, clothing, and/or financially. We have some regular contributors we call our Gideon’s Army supporters who contribute $35 each month.

According to our budget if we have just 300 Gideon’s Army supporters we could meet our budget. Some can give more some can give less but we are asking you to pray and ask God what he would have you do. One of our Gideon’s Army church supporters for many years, Word of Life Christian Center Pastor Fredrick Thompson, just posted on Facebook, “The strength of the church is not necessarily determined by the strength of the Pastor. The strength of the church is determined by the strength of the members who are committed to Christ and who make ministry a priority. How strong is your church because of you? God has called us to live in community rather than isolation. There are no Lone Ranger Christians.” This is true in all ministries and especially the Christian Caring Center! I can’t thank you enough for supporting the Christian Caring Center, the staff, volunteers and clients with all your prayers, financial support, food drives, back packs and schools supplies and new projects like the micro housing, etc.

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton

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