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John 14:12 “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do shall he do also;

The Day of Pentecost witnessed the first fulfillment of this prophecy; but it has been fulfilled also in every great moral and spiritual victory. Every revival of a spirit has been an instance of it; every mission-field has been a witness to it. In every child of man brought to see the Father, and know the Father’s love as revealed in Jesus Christ, has been a work such as He did. In the world-wide extent of Christianity there is a work greater even than any which He Himself did in the flesh. He left His kingdom as one of the smallest of the influences on the earth; but it has grown up as a mighty power over all the kingdoms of the world, and all that is purest and best in civilization and culture has found shelter in its branches. “Unknown Author”.

I have witnessed this year after year at the Christian Caring Center. Everyday there are small and great moral and or spiritual victories. While preparing for our 35th Anniversary Dinner, I got to look back over some statics of victories. One of the ways it becomes GREATER WORKS IS –when the church gets together and works as the kingdom of GOD and does not faint!

1. Feeding of the 5000 thousand becomes greater—Community Lunch actual #’s 77,068 X 35 years= 1,926,700 MEALS.

2. When I was hungry you gave me food-Emergency food boxes #’s 21,988 boxes X 35 years=769,580 to 2,683,345 individuals.

3. Caring for widows and orphans becomes greater— Homeless prevention #’s 643 X 20 years= 12,860 INDIVIDUALS.

4. Loving your neighbor as yourself becomes greater— Utilities actual #’s 1032 X 25 years=25,800 INDIVIDUALS.

5. Sheltering the homeless—Actual #’s 1129 X 25 years= 28,225 INDIVIDUALS

The explanation of these greater works is not to be sought in the individual instances of miraculous power exercised by the apostles, but in the whole work of the Church.

People who gave their lives to Jesus Actual #’s 398 X 35 years= 13,930 Souls PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Because I go unto my Father.—The better reading is, because I go unto the Father. The words are to be connected not with one clause only, but with all the earlier parts of the verse. They are the reason why the believer shall do the works that Christ does, as well as the reason why he shall do greater works. The earthly work of Christ will have ceased, and He will have gone to the Father. The believers will be then His representatives on earth, as He will be their representative in heaven. Therefore will they do His works, and the works shall be greater because He will be at the Father’s right hand, and will do whatsoever they shall ask in His name.

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn C. Sutton

You can be a Gideon to someone by saying yes to helping us at the CCC. You can PRAY! Ask God what He would have you do, donate food, clothing, financially. We have some regular contributors we call our Gideon’s army supporters who contribute $35/month. According to our budget if we have just 300 Gideon’s army supporters we could meet our budget. Some can give more some can give less but we are asking you to pray and ask God what he would have you do. One of our Gideon’s Army church supporters for many years, Word of Life Christian Center Pastor Fredrick Thompson posted on Facebook, “The strength of the church is not necessarily determined by the strength of the Pastor. The strength of the church is determined by the strength of the members who are committed to Christ and who make ministry a priority. How strong is your church because of you? God has called us to live in community rather than isolation. There are no Lone Ranger Christians.” If you would like to become a Gideon supporter, just mark your checks “Gideon “. Thanks!

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