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This is how the Pharaoh saw Joseph.

Genesis.41:38 So Pharaoh asked his officials, “Can we find anyone else like this man so obviously filled with the Spirit of God?”

I’m sure that every one of us would love to have a living testimony like this.This is how the Pharaoh saw Joseph.As a young man Joseph was overconfident and it only increased by being Jacob’s favorite son.Joseph became unbearable to his brothers, who eventually conspired against him.I’m sure you know the rest of the terrible things Joseph then endured.But God. Joseph’s self-assurance, molded by pain and combined with a personal knowledge of God, allowed him to survive and prosper where most of us would have failed. For some of our clients this is their testimonies and we all Praise the Lord for it. However, for some of our clients, they might be in the Molding part of their life. Some like Joseph are crushed by their childhoods, in prison, false accusations, betrayed, etc. The blessing for staff, supporters and volunteers is that we get to walk with them through this process. We can share the Word of God, pray with them, and assist them with items, food, shelter case management and kindness along the way. Since I have been in this ministry for 39 years, I have been able to see many generations of families and so many individuals walk through so many challenges and healings. It has been such a blessing! All of this is only possible through the Holy Spirit and you! Through your support of prayers, finances, the giving of clothing, food, items for baskets, etc. allows us to continue ministering to all who come in. We could never say thank you enough!! We Praise God for all of you. This is truly kingdom building.

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton

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