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Romans 8:31 "What shall we say in response to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

I often talk to you about a low-income housing development in Pemberton Township called Sunbury Village.There are about 300 homes that are 2-3 bedroom duplexes.It used to be military housing, but Ft. Dix sold them years ago.Now 80% of the homes are rentals owned by investors. It is a low income, high crime, gang infiltrated housing development that has been “off limits” to the military. We have clients in almost every home. However, I LOVE Sunbury Village and always have.Our first Center was across the street where residents could walk to. Our men’s shelters are in Sunbury Village for three reasons: affordability, welcomed by the neighborhood instead of being faced with “Not in my back yard” opposition, but most of all-because we believe by bringing Jesus in the midst of evil and darkness the light of Jesus will extinguish the darkness! We see this when we have outreach events in Sunbury, the look of the neighborhood surrounding our shelters, the way the neighborhood protects our properties and when we are out in the neighborhood talking with the neighbors. We are missionaries in Sunbury Village--PTL! We are committed to helping our neighbors by bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ first and then bringing services to the community. We hold outreach events, with partnering churches and agencies, like cookouts, Trunk or Treat, book bag give away, food give away, etc. Now we are partnering with Virtua Grocery Store in Pemberton Township, Burlington County Human Services to bring the Virtua Mobile Grocery Store to Sunbury Village every Tuesday from 2 pm to 3:30 pm beginning June 1st! About half of the residents in Sunbury Village don’t have transportation to even get to the only supermarket, ACME, which is 5 miles away. With the units being 2-3 bedrooms means families have an estimated total of 600 children living in Sunbury Village. This Virtua Mobile Grocery Store will be parked at our men’s shelter in the middle of Sunbury Village. This means seniors, disabled and families will be able to access quality products like fresh fruits, vegetables, some household items like toilet paper, soap, etc., at 20% below the costs of ShopRite type grocery stores. What a blessing for this neighborhood!! We are proud to be able to host this major improvement to Sunbury Village as the township is now focusing in on addressing the crime in Sunbury Village.

Thank you for joining us in prayer because only God could bring in help like this and in cooperation with the Township, County Governments and Businesses--PTL!! None of this would be possible if you didn’t help with your prayers and support! I am also so very thankful and grateful to all of you that pray and continue to support the Christian Caring Center. You enable us to reach so many. THANK YOU!!!

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton, Executive Director


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