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In his great mercy...

1 Peter 1:3: "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead."

What would have happened if Jesus wasn’t resurrected? None of us would have been redeemed, our sins forgiven, been quickened, made to live or have been raised to newness of life: His resurrection is the regeneration; there is a likeness between them; as His resurrection was a declaration of His sonship, so regeneration is a manifestation of adoption; and as Christ's resurrection was His first step to glory, so is regeneration to eternal life; and both are created by the same power: or the above verse may be connected with "into a living hope"; for the resurrection of Christ is what is the means of the verse, and lays a solid foundation of hope, both of the saint’s resurrection from the dead, of which Christ is the worthy sacrifice and only payment for our sins to be forgiven and of eternal glory, since He rose for our justification. Just the thought of the whole plan of God for each of our salvation boggles my mind of just how much He loves us! I’m so grateful and since I have been radically saved, I can’t help but want to bring that hope to everyone I meet who still doesn’t know the Gospel and how real it is. Can you imagine what regeneration and forgiveness means to someone just released from prison, caught in addiction, homeless and sees no way home, etc. Well let me tell you about CS. CS is mentally challenged and became homeless seven years ago. In and out of motels, cars and vans, friends couches; until the last motel hired her but almost her whole check went to her room rent. She was able to secure some mental health counseling and obtain a housing voucher. The Christian Caring Center was able to help her with a security deposit and she got moved into her apartment in February. She also is a believer and was volunteering earlier and now wants to come back and volunteer! Then there is AH. AH is on SSD and became homeless one year ago after a car accident and when he lost his job due to COVID shut downs. He was delivering fire wood to pizza shops that have wood fired ovens. When the restaurants shut down so did his income. We ended up losing his apartment and job then ended up in a men’s shelter in Camden. Eventually he came to our men’s shelter. AH is a believer too. He has worked in our drive through food pantry, praying with our clients and leading some to salvation-PTL!!! AH has been chosen by the state for a special COVID temporary rental assistance for six months and he made an application to a subsidized apartment in Browns Mills-PTL! Without you, our partners and supporters, that wouldn’t have been possible. I am also so very thankful and grateful to all of you that Pray and continue to support the Christian Caring Center. You enable us to reach so many. THANK YOU!!!

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton, Executive Director


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