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I love to write the newsletter in January because....

Philippians 4:9

“ Whatever you have learned or received

or heard from me, or seen in me put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”

I love to write the newsletter in January because I get to see all the wondrous works and miracles the Lord had provided in the year before. But even more, how my faith is encouraged to face the new year convinced He will do even greater in the coming year! In this Chapter 4 of Philippians, Paul specifically asks two Christian women, Euodia and Syntyche , to settle their personal dispute. Other Christians are encouraged to act as reasonable, Christ filled people. Paul notes that his experiences have taught him to be content with whatever material blessings he has. Reliance on the power of Christ not only allows believers to be content, but it also produces peace in our relationships to other Christians and non Christians. This also requires a deliberate choice to set our attention on positive things Forgiveness and love are the core of the Gospel and we should follow this in our personal lives also. Some of us have faced some unforgivable circumstances in our lives, but with God we can forgive and begin healing In the Lord’s prayer it states, "and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us Matthew 6:12 I definitely want God to forgive me totally, so I need to forgive others totally Not so easy sometimes, but God will show us all how to do it It sometimes takes time, but every day we can get a little closer. Once we make the decision to forgive and ask for God’s help He lifts that heavy burden, and we can focus on new things. We get to see this time and time again at the Christian Caring Center Some people have to forgive an employer who fired or laid them off, which sent their lives spiraling into poverty. Some of our people have lost a loved one and it affected them emotionally and financially and changed their life circumstances. That is when we have the privilege of sharing the Gospel of Love and who this Jesus is Your support allows us to be His people as His hands and feet We also get to help with food, shelter, clothing, holiday help, utilities and rent help.: In Philippians 4:9 Paul’s instructions are not merely meant to be known or agreed to. They are meant to be put into action. That is what your gifts, time and prayers do at the Christian Caring Center. The use of the Greek word, prassete implies an ongoing, daily effort. That is why your prayers are so important for this Ministry, Staff and Volunteers. This is not a one time attempt or short term effort to follow God. Those who follow Paul’s advice can experience the incredible peace that comes from fellowship with God, the God of peace! As

you read the Christian Caring Center’s Accomplishment Statement, I pray you see the goodness and love God has for His people. I pray you rejoice with me that you were a part of ministering to His people Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can have Jesus in your life. Don’t think you need extraordinary qualifications or a lot of money. He accepts you as you are! Thank you for sharing your prayers, time, and financial gifts to spread this wonderful gospel to the people we serve at the Christian Caring Center.

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton




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