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Deuteronomy 15:11 11 “There will always be poor people in the land.....

Deuteronomy 15:11 11 “There will always be

poor people in the land. Therefore I

command you to be openhanded toward

your fellow Israelites who are poor and

needy in your land.”

At the Christian Caring Center, we are seeing more

and more people who have been on unemployment for a long time due to the

Pandemic now scrambling for jobs and help with accumulated bills from rent, mortgage, utilities, food and clothing, for interviews and specific clothing for new

jobs like steel tipped boots for warehouse workers, waitresses, etc. These

individuals and families have gone through a lot over the past year and a half.

Many of them were sick from the COVID 19 virus. Businesses they worked for are

now closed. One of our Bridge of Hope families, a single dad with 3 children, that

had the children’s mom pass away and the middle child is in and out of the

hospital with kidney disease. Understandably, he can only work part time, etc. The Bible is very clear that we should be“open handed” to our neighbors. Around the whole county there is a shortage of workers.

This is good for the unemployed, but hard on the public. We are trying to deal with the

unfilled paid positions available right now and many of the volunteer positions that are also

unfilled at the Center. All of the staff positions are a calling, and we are taking applications

through our website,, using our volunteer application. Those

positions are: Community Lunch Manager, Men’s Emergency Shelter Manager and

Overnight Code Blue Staff. The volunteer positions include: Board Members, Hot line

phone responders, greeters and temperature checkers, Village Thrift Shop, Housing

navigator for homeless persons, Food pantry and food pick up person. Special projects

volunteers like: Holiday baskets, Code Blue Volunteers, lite building maintenance for all 4

buildings, fundraising events, etc. We can email you a job description if you email a

request for the position, you are interested in. These jobs are very rewarding and

necessary, but they are also hard work. That is why we say it’s a calling. I guarantee your

life will be changed for the better and you will witness God’s miracles firsthand.

If you or someone you know would like to work or volunteer with the Christian Caring

Center, please have them go onto our website, fill out the volunteer application and email it

back to Madelyn Sutton. I will also email you a job description at a request through the

email. We are excited about new team members, talents, skills and blessing about to

happen at our Center for our clients.

If you have one day a week, a month or just an hour it would be so wonderful and helpful.

We have just installed a HALO system (ultra violet light) in our HAVC that kills all air born

germs including COVID, for everyone’s protection.

We thank God for each one of you!

Madelyn C Sutton, Executive Director


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