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1 John 3:18: "My little children, let us not love in word, or in tongue; but in deed and in truth"

Love is primarily an action in the Bible not an emotion. We have all heard and experienced “talk is cheap” or “Action speaks louder than words”. When you’re homeless, back on your rent and about to be evicted, or the lights are about to be turned off--“talk is cheap”–you need help! That is why God supplies us with some resources so we can help in an emergency. We also take the time to pray and witness to each person when they come in. Part of our training is to listen first to the Holy Spirit, then to the client and then let the Holy Spirit speak through you. It is such a blessing. Some clients require some time. On our street outreach there are usually so many layers of situations that have to be dealt with. Starting with ID. We can’t even place someone in a motel or help them get a job, or apply for welfare without ID. You need 6 points in NJ to get a state ID or Social Security card, or birth certificate. Thank God in Burlington County, the Sherriff’s Department has the Hope One Mobile with a picture ID which is a great start. They also have addiction counselors on board too. That is why we need to be out there helping but also witnessing the Love and Gospel as we try and help. During COVID you need to get appointments and contact these agencies. That’s where we come in because they usually don’t even have a phone. Let me tell you about HW. He was born and raised here in the Browns Mills area. At 45 he is homeless. He went down to NC to work with his brother-in-law in a motel he owned for the last 3 years. Then his brother-in-law passed away. He came back to stay with his daughter and get reestablished, but the landlord found out and it was a violation of her lease so HW had to leave. That was last April during the pandemic. We have been helping him with Code Blue sheltering, applying for welfare, food stamps and now Emergency Assistance. They are investigating because he came from another state and possibly he failed to plan. Of course HW was stunned at that response, but we are advocating for him and trying to document in writing, proof of his plan. How could he get through this maze of paperwork without being able to read or use a computer? The answer is he can’t--BUT GOD! God is enabling us to work with HW. He might even be able to get into our Men’s Shelter soon, back to work and eventually in his own apartment. PTL!!! HW has been joining us in prayer now and he is recognizing each step is just God making a way. PTL!! None of this would be possible if you didn’t help with your prayer and support! I am also so very thankful and grateful to all of you that Pray and continue to support the Christian Caring Center. You enable us to reach so many, THANK YOU!!!

Abiding in Him,

Madelyn Sutton,Executive Director


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