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Dear Friends:


It's time, once again to begin preparation for distributing Easter Baskets. Last year we distributed food baskets to 134 households.  The children each received Resurrection Baskets of candy.   There are many ways that you can help with this holiday ham dinner.  Some are listed below.


Sponsor a Food Drive:

Collect canned vegetables, yams, canned fruit, juice, soups, mashed potatoes, brown sugar, ham, gift certificates. Candy, non-perishable items for the children’s breakfast and lunch like cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, soups, bread, peanut butter & jelly or fluff, spagettios or ravioli, chili, stew, macaroni & cheese, pizza packs, nutrition bars, cookies, drinks, etc.


Donate a Basket or Baskets:

The basket should contain food for the entire holiday meal for a family of five or an Easter Basket decorated with crosses or personal pictures from one child to another that is full of candy, Sunday School materials and crafts.


Volunteer:  You may help prep, set up and distribute the baskets on Monday, April 15th, from 10 AM to 6 PM and Tuesday, April 16th, from 10 AM to 3:00 PM, 


Financial Donations:

You may donate $35.00 per basket to purchase the ham and food necessary to fill in from donations.  In order to purchase food supplies early insuring prompt delivery and best prices, your commitment to this project as soon as possible will be beneficial.  If you let us know your plans early, we can work to avoid duplication of food donations and use the finances in the most productive manner.


If you have questions, you may contact us at the Christian Caring Center at 609-893-0700 during our regular hours or mail in the form below and someone will contact you.


The Lord's Blessing to you All!

Madelyn C. Mears-Sheldon, Director

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