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Check out our free gift for you!

Cash donors to the Christian Caring Center will, upon request, receive a free copy of “Dinner at Six”, a book just published by the Helen Hudson Foundation. The book focuses on the homeless and poor who rely on area soup kitchens who tell their life stories of what caused them to have to depend on free meals and other human services for their daily survival. 15 stories of “diners” at an existing, but anonymous, soup kitchen in Connecticut are included based on recorded personal interviews conducted by the author. In reading their stories, you will gain insight into the actual causes for widespread homelessness, poverty and dependency being experienced by many in our society and the efforts being made by those who are dedicated to help them to survive and overcome.

Upon your request, we will send you free of charge and postage paid, a copy of “Dinner at Six” for each cash donation we receive from you (Cash, check, money order or on-line credit card). Please use the “Donate/Help” feature on our Web site for any “on-line” donation. We will send the book to the address you insert there. For mailed donations, please send to the Christian Caring Center, P.O. Box 385, Pemberton, NJ 08068 and provide your name and address to which you want us to send the book. Make checks or money orders out to the Christian Caring Center and mark “For Free Book Offer” Please allow about 14 days for processing and receipt.

Please read more on our Web site about the work of the Christian Caring Center in serving the homeless and others who are prone to poverty in Burlington County, New Jersey. To this cause we will apply your donation as good stewards for serving those the Lord has led to us for our care and assistance. Thank you, and may God bless you, for helping us in this important endeavor.

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